Moldavite Grades

Moldavite Grades

So that you know what to expect, I have developed a grading scale for my Moldavite.

GradeWeightLevel of perfectionTexture
Regularless than 5 grams (25 carats)May have noticeable chip or chips.Smooth or minor surfacing.
Superior5 – 20 grams (25 – 100 carats)Larger size possible minor chipsSmooth or minor surfacing.
Museum AOver 10 grams (50 carats)Larger size. Possible minor chip or chips. This class includes Besednice Hedgehogs with minor chip/s.This grade is based on the quality rather than texture, except in the case of Besednice Hedgehogs where the texture will always be great.

Museum AA

over 20 grams (100+ carats)Close to the top level of Moldavite perfection. This grade is only slightly inferior to the perfection of our Reserve Grade – due to a matter of opinion – my opinion that it didn’t quite make the cut.Good texture, colour and shape.
Reserve Museum AAAOver 20 grams or Perfect Besednice Hedgehogs of any size.Perfect Moldavites only, no chips. Includes perfect Besednice Hogs of any size. Expect to pay accordingly.Great texture and desirable shape. Perfection.

All chips or inclusions, if any, will be noted on each Moldavite in the Shop.

All Moldavites purchased come with my Personal Guarantee of Authenticity, however, Moldavites purchased over $250 will receive a written and signed Certificate with my Personal Guarantee of Authenticity. This document will include a photo and details of your Moldavite, such as location found and month/year uncovered – if known.