Although this website is devoted to my obsession with Moldavite – I am also a Reconnective Healer.

If you are interested in booking Healing session or just more information then please feel free to visit my other site which you can find at HERE .  The majority of work I do is Distance Healing

I recommend 1 – 3 sessions and you can pay for them individually or pay and arrange times for the 1, 2 or 3 sessions at the same time.  If you decide that 1 session was enough I will refund the difference (less Paypal fees) or you may wish to share the blessing and give it to your partner, friend, or who ever you like.

As I live in New Zealand I usually work out a time that suits us both for the session to occur, usually a day or 2 in advance depending on bookings and other commitments.  Although it doesn’t really matter when the Healing Session is done – I think it’s nice if you can relax at the time I will be ‘doing my thing’ – most people feel something during the session but it’s ok if you don’t.  It really doesn’t matter if you feel something or not, it has still happened and you have received exactly what is appropriate for you to receive.

Some Personal stories:

Yes I believe in miracles because I have seen many happen, small miracles and big miracles.  I forget just how amazing the Reconnective healing is sometimes.  Recently I was with my sister and I was telling someone a story about a healing and my sister said – “tell her how your healing sessions saved our Dad’s life….”  I hadn’t forgotten about Dad and my sister had always acknowledged that our Dad survives because the universe (with me as the catalyst) stepped in …

My own darling father was near death early this year, the doctors had given up on him and he was bleeding internally so badly that the doctors and nurses had prepared us for the worst – that he would die within the day.   I performed a healing session on him and very slowly, minute by minute he started to recover.   My father survived what should have killed him for which I am forever grateful.  When he bumps into nurses that cared for him they still shake their heads in wonder.  My mother was told by several nurses that even young healthy people don’t recover once they reach a certain stage (my father was well beyond that stage when I arrived).  He is 84 years old and still with us and he enjoys reasonable health although the series of illnesses that ended with the bleeding have taken their toll and he will never be 70 again .  His activity levels continue to increase each week.  (Thank you Universe)

Book A Healing Session

Due to time differences, please select and pay for the session you require. I will be back to you by email within 24 hours (usually much less) and we can arrange a suitable time.


My 82 year old uncle had been a very sick man for many, many years, he pushed an oxygen bottle around 24/7 as he couldn’t breathe without it.   I visited one day and said I had trained to be a healer and asked if he would like a healing session.  I said I would need to do 3 sessions for him over a number of days.  I was surprised because he said ‘yes’ and I didn’t expect him to accept the type of healing I do – although I don’t know why.  I did the first session and said I would be back in a few days.  When I returned we sat and talked about general things and the family and I was unsure if I should ask if he would like me to do the next healing session.  Eventually he said to me “Well, are you going to do it ?”  meaning the healing and I was very pleased he asked because I was having difficulty broaching the subject.  I did the next session and told him I would return on Saturday for the final one.  On Friday they found my uncle dead.  I tell this story because sometimes the gift of healing is not that a person gets ‘better’ in the physical way that WE want  but that they are able to depart this world, that they have allowed themselves to let go of whatever was holding them here.   Did I feel as if I had failed?  No – because the healing that I do doesn’t make people immortal.  Healing comes on all levels – this was appropriate for my uncle and he has joined my aunt of 50 years marriage who passed had away 6 months before. (Thank you Universe)

My husband – here is a source of endless healing practice for me.   Prior to becoming a Reconnective Healer, several years ago my husband underwent heart valve surgery, followed by back surgery.  The back is still a problem however, for the last year when it ‘goes’ and anyone with a back problem will understand what I am saying, within an hour or two it just slips back into place and he’s pain free again.  About 10 years ago he was told that within 10 years he could expect to be in a wheelchair and incontinent. We’re still on the winning side so far. (Thank you Universe)

He had shoulder surgery (yes, yes – next time I’ll marry a younger man) – I had done my healing sessions for him but the universe decided he needed the surgery – don’t ask me why because many other clients with similar problems have just ‘got well’.  I did healing sessions for him after the surgery, his doctor is thrilled because he has mended far better than they expected and the shoulder is now perfect and in record time.  Many of his friends can’t understand it because they have had similar ops and remain with severely restricted movement and pain. (Thank you Universe)