Moldavite Mining

Here are a few photos of Moldavite mining in the Czech Republic.  Moldavite is close to the surface and if you are in the right area and luck is with you, Moldavite can be found in the tailings of former diggings. Don’t get the impression that you can walk around just picking it up, you need to know where to go and you have to have a great deal of patience.  It can take all day to find a single piece of Moldavite Crystal – if you are lucky – it’s why the Moldavite price is so high.

The Czech government put a stop to people digging deeper than 1 metre because, as you can see, it is very sandy and the pits collapse very easily trapping the miners.  In years gone by, many people used to dig in the forests – often unsuccessfully – but they left their mess behind making ugly and dangerous pits in the forests.  These areas are now guarded day and night to stop further deep holes being dug in the forests and more deaths.