About Moldavite

I’m the sort of person who gets curious about some things and so I decided to see what all the fuss was about Moldavite. I soon discovered it was expensive and pretty hard to get.

After a bit of research, I just had to have some, so I started off by buying a couple of cheap rings. In retrospect the quality was awful – however I got addicted to it. It’s taken a few years but now I’ve amassed a reasonable collection and then I set up the website and people actually email me and ask questions about it.

They say you either have an affinity for it or you don’t – I do. I have a friend in the Czech Republic who mines Moldavite and I know the second that my pieces have arrived in the country because I can feel them. It’s like a tsunami hits me and I get dizzy and off balance. Yeah I know – I’m weird! It took me many parcels before I realized what was going on. One day dizzy and feeling sick and the next day the Moldavite arrived – you can’t get too much passed me!

Many people ask – Is Moldavite Stone or is Moldavite Crystal?  Technically Moldavite is a tektite or natural glass formed when a meteorite fell to earth millions of years ago.  Unlike all other crystals such as rose quartz, amethyst or citrine, Moldavite was not created by mother earth (Gaia) but by the super heated wave travelling in front of the meteor which melted the silica that was present in the ground.

This is all about ‘Sharing my Moldavite crystal obsession with you’.

One of the things I had heard about was that Moldavite is known for its metaphysical properties and healing properties. Moldavite is used during their meditation to help clear the mind and open the pathways.

When I use Moldavite during a healing session – I’m not too fancy about it. I simply ask the client to hold the Moldavite while we talk, if it’s a distance session I place the Moldavite on the table where I imagine their 3rd eye to be and then do the session as if they were there in person. It does make a difference my clients have the most interesting visions while the healing session is performed. Reconnective Healing doesn’t need any ‘extras’ to work, it just does, but because I have an affinity with Moldavite I like to use it.

If you are a crystal person or a healer, I would highly recommend the use of a piece of Moldavite rough (natural Moldavite). The other reason I’d recommend it is because my collection has got way too big and so I have Moldavite crystals for sale. My personal preference is for the natural rough Moldavite gemstone rather than the cut crystal and I rarely have Moldavite jewellery for sale because it’s not a personal preference.

When anything becomes valuable there are people out there who are happy to make fakes and sell them – Moldavite is no exception. It took me some time to find a genuine Moldavite miner in the Czech Republic but I did and although I may pay a little more usually it’s best to have no doubt and I have complete confidence that what I am getting is the real thing..

If you find Moldavite properties interesting then check out the stuff on this site and read a bit more about the crystal and me. I also have a photo gallery of some of my desirable Moldavite specimens and quite a few pictures of Moldavite mining from my associate.

Gallery of a few of my nicer Moldavites

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