My biggest girl so far 🙂  Papa is short for Papatuanuku.  I am of New Zealand Maori descent and Papatuanuku is our Earth Mother.  I had been waiting for a Moldavite to arrive and tell me this could be her name, and here she is.

Papa is huge – a real handful of the best Moldavite money can buy, not to mention a fair amount of begging on my part so the last ‘owner’ would let her go!  When I say handful, I mean it – my hand won’t close over her, she’s a chunky lady, but she just reminded me – so am I !  I can feel her humor and her love and as I hold Papa, her energy seems to expand and expand outward. She’s here for a purpose and I can’t even guess what it is.  Moldavites are healers in their own right and I am a healer too so maybe between us we can help heal the world or my little part of it.  Oh dear, I’ve slipped off into my crazy woman talk again.

She’s absolutely perfect and not a break anywhere, she literally pulses with energy.  One of the many things I like about Papa is that there are 2 slightly smoother parts where my thumbs fit perfectly – almost like someone has touched her when still molten and left their thumb prints there – I know it’s a bit whimsical but you get like that with Moldavites.


Is she mine to keep?  I’d like to think so but she wants to be shown off and admired, as is her due, and that’s why she’s on the website.  Sooner or later someone will say she should be with them and not me ( I hope it will be another healer or someone who will show her off and not put her in a box ) and that’s the way it is with Moldavites, they choose where they need to be and it’s not for any of us to deny their wish.  I’m hopeful she will be with me for many years – but who knows?  In the end it will break my heart but it’s not my decision – or maybe it won’t break my heart the others I have sent off have been so happy to be going and they give me a big ‘thank you’ and rush away full of excitement, and I’m excited for them too.  (opps – crazy woman talk again).

71.24mm long
36 mm wide at the widest part
25.28 deep

68.5 grams !!!!!!