Fake Moldavite

Fake Moldavite Warning

There is quite a lot of fake Moldavite out there; believe it or not I have been offered fakes on several instances from Asia, Australia as well as the USA. The difference is quite apparent, fake Moldavite is generally the color of melted green bottles comparable in shade to a Heinekin bottle.

The surface of Real Moldavite will differ from very spiky to almost smooth but it is never as smooth as cut glass.

Fake Moldavite Stones usually comes in much more substantial pieces up to a kg (2 lbs). The biggest REAL Moldavite ever found was about 238 grams (1/2 lb) consequently anything bigger than this is definitely not authentic. I actually do promise that you’ll receive genuine Moldavite crystals and so don’t throw away your hard earned dollars on junk.

I have also seen quite a lot of ‘moldavite jewelry’ on various auction sites such as eBay and the moldavite is most definately fake.  If the price is too good to be true, then in all liklihood it is too good to be true.

How do I know if I am buying a Genuine Moldavite?

The easiest way is to buy your Moldavite here ! 

  • The actual ORIGIN of Every Moldavite available to purchase comes from the Czech Republic.
  • The shade of this lovely crystal is similar to an olive green, it is not the color of emeralds or green beer bottles.
  • It comes in various dimensions the more substantial and the more perfect pieces are usually many $1,000’s of dollars so if you are offered anything over the size of your palm and it’s cheaper than this – you can count on it being a fake.
  • You can certainly pay as little as $30 for a small piece of Real Moldavite.
  • Perfect moldavites are usually very difficult to obtain simply because they are a natural glass which comes out of the dirt.
  • Selecting a crystal with a modest chip or two does enable you to look inside, so it is really not all negative.
  • Fake Moldavite is quite common. Fake Moldavite is frequently made out of green beer bottles, the color is really a dead give-away.
  • Forgers have gotten much better over time. It has become more and more difficult to tell real from fake.
  • In my experience real Moldavite all contain tiny gas pockets inside.
  • No two Moldavites will be exactly the same, if they are then you’re purchasing fabricated Moldavite. RUN!
  • Moldavite gemstones above 20 to 30 grams can be bought, for a high cost but smaller pieces which range from under a gram are available and are not too expensive.
  • Crystals more than 30 grams are extremely rare.
  • Moldavites 50 plus grams do come on the market however they frequently go to collectors before they hit the market.
  • In my personal experience Moldavites DO have healing qualities and most people are able to ‘feel’ something when they hold Moldavite.
  • Most people when studying a piece of Moldavite on this website will feel the ‘vibes’.