Moldavite was created during an event of outstanding power, the fall of a meteorite. This generated a force that has been estimated at 6 trillion megatons. This exceeds the power that would be generated if all the atomic bombs in the world were detonated at the same time. This enormous explosion produced a heat that was high enough to vaporise rocks and scientists speculate that the force was sufficient to pierce the earth’s crust and penetrate the earth’s iron core! This would have been sufficient reverse the earth’s magnetic pole.

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is from the result of this meteor impact. When the rocks, sand and minerals on the ground were vaporised into liquid, this liquid splashed back into the atmosphere and fell back to earth some 300 km away in the Czech Republic. Some tiny amounts of this molten splashback fell in countries surrounding the Czech Republic but the amount is so insignificant that it barely gets mentioned.

Some people assume that Moldavite is a meteorite but this isn’t quite accurate as it is earthly material fused at the time of a meteor impact.

The meaning of ‘Moldavite’ is from the town Moldauthein and the Moldau River. In the Czech Republic Moldavites are called Vltavin as Moldauthein is called Tyn nad Vltavou. Yeah – I’m confused too.

As this molten material landed on the Czech Republic it solidified and over millions of years was worked into the sand and soil. Over the millennia the Moldavite was etched as water and sand scoured its surface. The way the moldavite is shaped and etched is largely due to where it landed. Some areas are especially wet and the etching is much deeper. The best example of this is the Moldavite from Besednice.

Genuine Moldavite, strictly speaking, only comes from the Czech Republic. Beware of fakes – there are plenty out there.

I was reading recently that 75% of moldavite sold over the internet is fake.  I’m 100% sure that my moldavite is genuine.  I collected for many years and received packets by registered mail direct from the Czech Republic.  When my contact stopped mining and moved countries I also stopped collecting as fake moldavite was just starting to be seen on the market and I had little faith in other sellers.  Back then it was very obvious that it was fake but now the forgers are really good and some of the fakes resemble real moldavite.  If it gives you any reassurance – here is a picture of one of the boxes.

The Moldavite Holy Grail Connection

It is speculated by some that the Holy Grail was not a cup but a green ’emerald’ stone that fell to earth from the sky. Others believe that the cup was carved from Emerald. It is hypothesized that Moldavite was the stone as the ancients called all green stones Emerald and Moldavite is the only green stone to have fallen from the sky. Another expression of this theme is that the Grail was fashioned from an emerald that fell from Lucifer’s forehead.

It is said that the Grail was held to catch the blood of Christ as He died on the cross. In legends from the court of King Arthur the Grail was passed from knight to knight and provided food or drink that the knight or companion most desired. It is said that the Grail cup bought about healing and rejuvenation. It is also said to bring about spiritual awakening. The Grail was also a vessel that promoted true love and it is interesting to note that in the Czech Republic, the only place you can find Moldavite, it was used as a betrothal gift for centuries and said to bring harmony to a marriage.

Moldavite was mentioned by Nicholas Roerich in relation to the Stone of Shamballa. The stories exist in many cultures and are essentially variations on a single theme. A stone falls from heaven and is lost. Man’s job is to recover the stone, use it to transform himself and the world and then return it to its source.

Moldavite is regarded as a spiritual charm and was worn by the people of Eastern Europe as long as 25,000 years ago. Moldavite was also used as arrow heads and cutting tools.

Moldavite Properties

People who hold Moldavite report quite a variety of sensations from a slight tingle or warmth in their hand which will often spread to the whole body. Occasionally there can be an opening of the heart chakra which causes some strange, but not painful, sensations in the chest. This can be accompanied by an emotional release and a ‘flushing’ of the face, this has been given the name ‘Moldavite flush’ because it happens so frequently. Some people will feel light headed and dizzy and rarely they may have a sensation of being lifted out of their body.

I personally experience my crown chakra blossoming like flowers petals opening up. I have experience many people ‘flushing’ and can testify that almost everyone feels something from the Moldavite experience.
People who Purchase Moldavite find it can take some getting used to and some people need to wear or carry their Moldavite for short periods until they are used to it.