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My name is Glenis and I live in Rotorua in New Zealand. I am married and we have one lovely daughter. I am 50 (ish) and of New Zealand Maori descent. I come from a long line of healers (Tohunga) although it skipped a generation with mother – or did it? My mother has great instincts for what works so, I guess, she is a healer in her own right but doesn’t acknowledge it in a formal way.

Some of my ancestors were Tohunga – traditional healers – their knowledge was usually passed to a member of the next generation orally as historically Maori had no written language. Unfortunately the last of my family with this knowledge didn’t pass it to the next generation, these skills have sadly been lost in our family. I wouldn’t say I was ever particularly connected to this extremely interesting line of ancestors although I did find it quite interesting from an almost academic point of view. “Yes, my ancestors did this weird healing stuff using plants and strange processes” Well wake up Glenis – who’s calling who weird now!! For some unknown reason I have taken up the healing mantle but use a totally different process which I talk about on my other website which is about healing website.

The Moldavite is a hobby and I also so other things. I buy most of my Moldavite from a friend in the Czech Republic who is at the ‘cliff face’ so to speak and, like me, has an affinity for this crystal but not for any other crystal. I buy the rest from collectors in the Czech Republic and bona-fide mineral specialists. He makes a small profit and so do I – the universe works on fair exchange. I resell some because it feeds my obsession to buy more and also allows me to spread some around the world. I believe I have been led to do this and there is some greater purpose to it all. My friend in the Czech Republic feels that he is on the planet for the same reason which I find quite interesting and assume that the Universe has brought us together as small players in some greater plan. He can get to some people and I can get to others.

I have found that I’ve become quite intuitive since I’ve become a healer and even more so since I started collecting and selling Moldavite. I keep seeing a grid around the planet and the Moldavite being part of it – perhaps pushing the energy around or helping to strengthen the grid? I believe the more that is scattered around the world the stronger the grid. I’m not saying that Moldavite is the only thing holding and strengthening the grid because I’m sure there are many other things that are part of it too but this is my part of it. My role is to be a healer and scatter Moldavite – it’s quite comforting to know why I’m here ! 🙂

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