When wanting to Buy Moldavite for investment or metaphysical properties it is important to ensure you are buying genuine moldavite from a trusted source.  There is quite a lot of fake moldavite out there so when you are looking at moldavite for sale it is important that you have confidence before you purchase.

Buying healing crystals such as moldavite more about feeling for the energies but also allowing the crystal to choose you. When you are looking to buy crystals online I have found it is possible for people to close their eyes and get a good sensation by focusing on an image of the moldavite. It is how I recommend my customers choose their particular moldavite.

I cannot help you out by recommending where to buy healing crystals because I simply don’t know other vendors. I can say that I have complete confidence in my supplier of Moldavite because he is a Moldavite Miner – I’ve dealt with the same person for 6 years although recently even this man is finding it hard to find moldavite to sell.