Moldavite (FAQ)

The most common questions I get asked are:

How to activate Moldavite – They come pre activated 🙂

How to charge a Moldavite – Same answer, Moldavites come pre-charged

How to cleanse your Moldavite – I don’t cleanse or clear my Moldavites at all. I know some people have quite complicated rituals when it comes to this sort of thing but my lovely girls just don’t seem to need it.

How to clear Moldavite – Why? People run around assuming there is evil coming from a Moldavite – in my experience, and I have hundreds of them, Moldavite is not evil. You don’t need to clear it. Talk to your piece and listen to what she has to say. Sometimes this can be an actual voice in your head, being shown the something when you close your eyes or it may come later in a dream or during meditation.

How to spot fake MoldaviteHow to tell if Moldavite is realHow to tell if Moldavite is fake -All the same question …. If it looks like a chunk of melted glass, it probably is. Moldavite is not bright green like a beer bottle although it does vary in colour quite a lot. If you look at the Moldavites I have for sale you will be much better informed on color and shape.

There are even differences in shape and colour from region to region. I assume that the regional differences have to do with the minerals in the ground that the Moldavite landed on. The shape variations can probably be attributed to the amount of sand in the soil. It would be fair to say I am no expert and I am only making logical assumptions.

How to use Moldavite stoneHow to use Moldavite for healing – I use my Moldavite during my healing work. I don’t have a set process, sometimes I will ask a client to hold a piece before we begin a session or I might ask them to hold a piece during the session. If I am doing a distant healing session I will generally place Moldavite were I can see their 3rd eye. Although this is not always true as sometimes I get a feeling to place it elsewhere. Confused?

How to buy Moldavite – You buy it from here of course – silly question! If you can’t find the piece that talks to you then send me an email and I will see what I can find for you.

How to choose Moldavite – It all depends on what you want your Moldavite for. If you are interested in the healing properties or metaphysical properties of Moldavite than my suggestion is to look at the pieces on the website, there will be one or 2 that you have to keep looking at. Focus on these one at a time, close your eyes, put your hand out in front of you palm up, imagine that the piece in your hand, see what you feel or hear. If this piece talks to you or puts pictures in your head or gives you some sort of physical reaction, then that is the one for you.

As with all crystals, as they choose you not the other way around.

If you are looking for an investment then choose the piece with out any nicks or breaks. I would always recommend buying Besednice Moldavite as it is the rarest. Secondly I would advise selecting the largest most perfect piece your budget will allow.

How to wear Moldavite – I am a big fan of raw Moldavite although I do have a couple of faceted pieces. I used to make my own jewellery and so I wire wrap pieces for my own personal use. I do not provide this service for my customers although if you go to a craft shop you can buy the wire inexpensively and probably to a very good job yourself.

How to clean a Moldavite – I really need to clean my Moldavite however when I do I would use warm water and a soft toothbrush.

How to care for Moldavite – It is important to realise that Moldavite is a naturally created glass and therefore it does break. It is important that your Moldavite is protected when being carried around. I often have a piece of 2 in my bag and they are carefully wrapped in a soft cloth and in a soft pouch. If I am carrying them around they are also in one of the side pockets of my handbag so that they do not get knocked around and broken.

It also carry a piece around in my pocket sometimes and once again it is double wrapped the safety.

Moldavite Size Does Matter!

The largest Moldavite ever found is recorded at 238 grams – it resides in the museum in Prague.  In comparison, on January 25, 1905, at the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa, a 3,106-carat diamond is discovered during a routine inspection by the mines superintendent. Weighing 1.33 pounds (590 grams)  and christened the “Cullinan,” it was the largest diamond ever found.MoldaviteMB1115_9

When you consider that these gems are made of a naturally fused glass created by the heat wave travelling in front of a meteor, that the molten glass splashed into the stratosphere and then solidified as it fell back to earth – estimated at a 20 mile drop – it’s amazing any survived at all.  Moldavites over 20 grams have always been considered to be rare and as the strew fields are depleted the opportunities to find large stones grows less and less.  Purely from an investment point of view, size does matter.  Moldavites over the magical 20 grams are hard to get even for someone like me – and I have the contacts!  It’s not even a matter of money, you simply cannot buy what is not available.  You cannot make Moldavite or even predict where to find it – you can hunt for days or weeks and not find a single piece of any size and yet there may be 50 pieces 5 metres away.

Over the last few years as the quantity of 20 gram stones has disappeared into collections around the world it is becoming more common to see 10 and 15 gram specimens begin advertised as HUGE – sadly this is now the case.  Within a few years I’m sure we will see 5 gram piece move into the ‘huge’ category.

Once in a ‘blue moon’ I get my hands on a piece over 30 grams – it’s hard to let them go on the market because I don’t know if I’ll ever get another piece that size again!  It is very tempting to keep them and wait 5 years when the value might be 5 or 10 or even 20 times what it is today, but then what’s the point of being in the ‘Moldavite Business’ if I never sell any thing?  I also get the feeling with many pieces that I am merely their intermediary to see them on to their ‘real’ home.

The value (and cost) of Moldavite increases at an explosive rate once you get passed 30 grams, we have been fortunate to obtain several pieces over 40 grams and even one that is over 60 grams, at a huge cost of course.  I’ll be putting the ‘big girls’ in the gallery as I get time to take photos.  They just love people admiring them 🙂

I also find that some of the bigger pieces give me more of the Moldavite buzz I look for as a healer, but maybe that’s because I’m not so sensitive – (or perhaps it’s because I’ve asked them to treat me gently?)


BES8220_1Moldavite was created during an event of outstanding power, the fall of a meteorite. This generated a force that has been estimated at 6 trillion megatons. This exceeds the power that would be generated if all the atomic bombs in the world were detonated at the same time. This enormous explosion produced a heat that was high enough to vaporise rocks and scientists speculate that the force was sufficient to pierce the earth’s crust and penetrate the earth’s iron core! This would have been sufficient reverse the earth’s magnetic pole.

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is from the result of this meteor impact. When the rocks, sand and minerals on the ground were vaporised into liquid, this liquid splashed back into the atmosphere and fell back to earth some 300 km away in the Czech Republic. Some tiny amounts of this molten splashback fell in countries surrounding the Czech Republic but the amount is so insignificant that it barely gets mentioned.

Some people assume that Moldavite is a meteorite but this isn’t quite accurate as it is earthly material fused at the time of a meteor impact.

The meaning of ‘Moldavite’ is from the town Moldauthein and the Moldau River. In the Czech Republic Moldavites are called Vltavin as Moldauthein is called Tyn nad Vltavou. Yeah – I’m confused too.

As this molten material landed on the Czech Republic it solidified and over millions of years was worked into the sand and soil. Over the millennia the Moldavite was etched as water and sand scoured its surface. The way the moldavite is shaped and etched is largely due to where it landed. Some areas are especially wet and the etching is much deeper. The best example of this is the Moldavite from Besednice.

Moldavite_boxGenuine Moldavite, strictly speaking, only comes from the Czech Republic. Beware of fakes – there are plenty out there.

I was reading recently that 75% of moldavite sold over the internet is fake.  I’m 100% sure that my moldavite is genuine.  I collected for many years and received packets by registered mail direct from the Czech Republic.  When my contact stopped mining and moved countries I also stopped collecting as fake moldavite was just starting to be seen on the market and I had little faith in other sellers.  Back then it was very obvious that it was fake but now the forgers are really good and some of the fakes resemble real moldavite.  If it gives you any reassurance – here is a picture of one of the boxes.

The Moldavite Holy Grail Connection

It is speculated by some that the Holy Grail was not a cup but a green ’emerald’ stone that fell to earth from the sky. Others believe that the cup was carved from Emerald. It is hypothesized that Moldavite was the stone as the ancients called all green stones Emerald and Moldavite is the only green stone to have fallen from the sky. Another expression of this theme is that the Grail was fashioned from an emerald that fell from Lucifer’s forehead.moldavite

It is said that the Grail was held to catch the blood of Christ as He died on the cross. In legends from the court of King Arthur the Grail was passed from knight to knight and provided food or drink that the knight or companion most desired. It is said that the Grail cup bought about healing and rejuvenation. It is also said to bring about spiritual awakening. The Grail was also a vessel that promoted true love and it is interesting to note that in the Czech Republic, the only place you can find Moldavite, it was used as a betrothal gift for centuries and said to bring harmony to a marriage.

Moldavite was mentioned by Nicholas Roerich in relation to the Stone of Shamballa. The stories exist in many cultures and are essentially variations on a single theme. A stone falls from heaven and is lost. Man’s job is to recover the stone, use it to transform himself and the world and then return it to its source.

Moldavite is regarded as a spiritual charm and was worn by the people of Eastern Europe as long as 25,000 years ago. Moldavite was also used as arrow heads and cutting tools.

Moldavite Properties

People who hold Moldavite report quite a variety of sensations from a slight tingle or warmth in their hand which will often spread to the whole body. Occasionally there can be an opening of the heart chakra which causes some strange, but not painful, sensations in the chest. This can be accompanied by an emotional release and a ‘flushing’ of the face, this has been given the name ‘Moldavite flush’ because it happens so frequently. Some people will feel light headed and dizzy and rarely they may have a sensation of being lifted out of their body.

I personally experience my crown chakra blossoming like flowers petals opening up. I have experience many people ‘flushing’ and can testify that almost everyone feels something from the Moldavite experience.
People who purchase Moldavite find it can take some getting used to and some people need to wear or carry their Moldavite for short periods until they are used to it.


Papa – 68.5 gr Moldavite

My biggest girl so far 🙂  Papa is short for Papatuanuku.  I am of New Zealand Maori descent and Papatuanuku is our Earth Mother.  I had been waiting for a Moldavite to arrive and tell me this could be her name, and here she is.

13 item(s)

Papa is huge – a real handful of the best Moldavite money can buy, not to mention a fair amount of begging on my part so the last ‘owner’ would let her go!  When I say handful, I mean it – my hand won’t close over her, she’s a chunky lady, but she just reminded me – so am I !  I can feel her humour and her love and as I hold Papa, her energy seems to expand and expand outward. She’s here for a purpose and I can’t even guess what it is.  Moldavites are healers in their own right and I am a healer too so maybe between us we can help heal the world or my little part of it.  Oh dear, I’ve slipped off into my crazy woman talk again.

She’s absolutely perfect and not a break anywhere, she literally pulses with energy.  One of the many things I like about Papa is that there are 2 slightly smoother parts where my thumbs fit perfectly – almost like someone has touched her when still molten and left their thumb prints there – I know it’s a bit whimsical but you get like that with Moldavites.

Is she mine to keep?  I’d like to think so but she wants to be shown off and admired, as is her due, and that’s why she’s on the website.  Sooner or later someone will say she should be with them and not me ( I hope it will be another healer or someone who will show her off and not put her in a box ) and that’s the way it is with Moldavites, they choose where they need to be and it’s not for any of us to deny their wish.  I’m hopeful she will be with me for many years – but who knows?  In the end it will break my heart but it’s not my decision – or maybe it won’t break my heart the others I have sent off have been so happy to be going and they give me a big ‘thank you’ and rush away full of excitement, and I’m excited for them too.  (opps – crazy woman talk again).

71.24mm long
36 mm wide at the widest part
25.28 deep

68.5 grams !!!!!!

Value?  I can’t say – my husband might see !  I blind folded him when I got him to sign the loan papers.  ssshhhh



Moldavite the Healer

Moldavite Crystal Healing Properties – this rock rocks!

Moldavite came to my attention when reading Eric Pearl’s book The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself. I bought a Moldavite, now I have a small collection, that’s the way life goes. I seem to have an affinity for Moldavite although I have never had any interest in other crystals, rocks, stones or otherwise. For me Moldavite is ‘it’.

When clients come for a healing session I generally have one in my pocket. Since many of my healing clients are aware of my Moldavite interest sometimes they will bring one to hold or wear or they may ask to hold one of my Moldavites. Sometimes they will hold a piece of Moldavite for a few minutes prior to a healing session – nothing fancy – I don’t place them around the room or put them on a chakra or all chakras alkthough Moldavite is one of many chakra healing stones. I don’t burn incense and chant. I don’t meditate with them because I don’t meditate. I simply ask a client to hold one for a few minutes usually while we chat. Usually they will comment that they feel ‘something’ and some times they don’t mention anything. From experience I believe whether they acknowledge something or not it doesn’t really matter – I believe that it allows them to accept the healing more easily and sometimes at lightening speed.

Does it help? Does it work? Can Moldavite Heal? In my opinion the answer is ‘Yes’. If you are planning on purchasing a Moldavite I would certainly recommend you consider a Reconnective Healing Session (these are in the ‘Shop’). I facilitate these healing sessions long distance and I can assure you the results can be exceptional. I recommend one – three sessions, this is not a healing modality that requires you come back and pay endlessly. One, two or three – that’s it, one is sometimes enough but often something extra special happens on the third session.

The following are not my experiences but what I have gathered from sources all over the internet

Besednice Moldavite

Moldavite is truly a high vibrational gemstone. Some people have to accustom themselves to the energies of Moldavite, gradually wearing the gemstone. It is a gemstone for transformation on all levels and can open all the chakras although it is most strongly associated with the heart and third eye (brow) chakras, as well as the crown chakra. It can be seen as a catalyst for shifts in one’s life, physical, emotional, or spiritual. It strengthens and enhances inner journeys, channelling, cosmic consciousness, crystal consciousness, expansion, contact with inter dimensional or extraterrestrial forces. It is a powerful stone, and its energies can at first be intimidating for those that are not aware of its energy, and tends to bring issues to the surface to be transformed, thus making it called “stone of transformation.” Moldavite is a stone that can help move you forward on your spiritual path to awakening. It is often called “the stone that fell from the sky”. It can assist one to fully awaken to their highest destiny. Moldavite is a powerful tool for meditation and dreamwork. It activates and clears the entire chakra system. It has been credited with innumerable powerful life changes.

Moldavite has been said to raise the vibrational level of both the human race and the Earth. Physically, Moldavite works excellently with other crystals and stones to raise the vibrational level of all healing, and also heals hair loss, fertility issues, and promoting new cell growth. Moldavite crystal can help one to bring about the right relationship, right livelihood and can align the rest of one’s life into harmonious accord with the divine pattern.

Moldavites existence pre-dates history. The Neolithic peoples of Eastern Europe regarded the dark-coloured glassy crystal as a spiritual talisman more than 25,000 years ago. The excavated site of the famed Venus of Willendorf also uncovered a significant number of crystal Moldavite amulets, arrowheads and cutting tools.

In Czech folklore, Moldavite crystal was believed to bring harmony and healing to marital relationships, and the green crystal was used as a traditional betrothal gift for centuries.

Perhaps Moldavites greatest role in crystal healing history takes place as the substance purportedly used to create the Holy Grail of Arthurian legend. In some recountings, the Grail was said to be not a cup, but a stone; a crystal Emerald that fell from the sky. In other stories, the Grail cup was carved from the crystal Emerald. The correspondences of the Stone of the Grail with Moldavite crystal are clear. The ancients called all clear green gemstones “Emeralds”, and Moldavite is the only such crystal ever to have fallen from the sky.

An excerpt from the Book of Stones (Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian) best explains Moldavites genesis:

“… Some Scientific theorists contend that Moldavite is earthly rock melted by the heat of the meteorite crash, while others suggest that the material is of extraterrestrial origin, possibly a type of obsidian ejected by a lunar volcano. A third theory holds that Moldavite is a fusion product of meteoric material and earthly rock which were vaporised in the tremendous heat of the impact explosion, the resultant gas being propelled high in the atmosphere. This gaseous material would have then cooled and condensed into a liquid glass which ‘rained’ down on the crater and surrounding areas. Regardless of which, if any, of these ideas is correct, it is known that Moldavite indeed fell from the sky because of the aerodynamic shapes of certain pieces, and virtually all scientists associate it with the meteoric collision which formed the Bohemian plateau and surrounding mountains.”

Time and again, in legend, myth and fantasy, you can find the story of the celestial green gem of transformation. A starborn catalyst of healing and wholeness, the sacred talisman of awakening, its call opens the door to our destiny. It has been almost unnoticed in our midst for many years, but now in the times of critical mass we find it again, the Moldavite,multitude of human channels. Its function as a spiritual tool grows and clarifies as we use it. As more of us find the commonality of our experiences with it, our sense of oneness grows.”

The common wisdom is that Moldavite crystal is a catalyst for inner evolution towards one’s highest good. The changes it brings can be intense and rapid, but they are, by all accounts, significant and valuable to the individual. The healing can occur in the physical body, one’s chakra system, one’s dream life, one’s awareness of healing spirit guides and other aspects of the spiritual dimensions, one’s career, one’s relationships and just about any other dimension of life where crystal healing can be useful.43 gr chunk of Moldavite for Healing

Anyone interested in crystal healing or healing in general should add Moldavite to their crystal collection. The green Moldavite crystal has a prominent reputation for rapid healing and powerful life changes. The book The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals: A Comprehensive Guide to 150 Crystals and Gemstones (Cassandra Eason) suggests that Moldavite crystals can be helpful for healing environmental issues. Moldavite crystal is an excellent choice for healing illness that is not responding to conventional treatment. Healing from pollution or ills of the modern world such as asthma can be possible. Those trying to quit smoking should consider wearing Moldavite.

The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals: A Comprehensive Guide to 150 Crystals and Gemstones also suggests that Moldavite crystal is a stone to wear if you spend a good deal of time alone, as its healing properties can help you strengthen and rejoice in your unique qualities. For crystal healing with children, it can help them connect with the wider universe. It is also recommended as a healing crystal for spiritually evolved cats.

You can read more about Me the healer at my site found here.

If you are looking for Moldavite healing crystals for sale then head over to the shop.

Investment Value

There is no better time to buy than NOW.  Prices have increased quite dramatically over a very short period of time.  There are several reasons for the increase:

There’s not much of it about:

MoldaviteMoldavite mining is strictly controlled by the Czech government.  Until a couple of years ago there were 4 state run mines, 3 have now closed.  In the past anyone could go dig a hole on their own land, and if they were very lucky they might find one, several or many Moldavites.  More often than not hour or days of digging would produce nothing.  Several years ago the Czech government changed the rules; you can only dig to one metre unless you have a permit.

The locals still go to the fields after the farmer’s have ploughed and look – as they have done for centuries –  after hundreds of years of this, the number found decreases every year.  You can walk for miles without finding a single stone – not just that but the stones found are more likely to be broken pieces.  The Moldavites that came from people supplementing their incomes by digging a deep pit and ‘mining’ has dried up as the police now watch for this.  The locals and ex miners are now selling off their collections piece by piece as the price goes up.

The mine at Besednice closed about 12 years ago and the distinctive Besednice ‘Hedgehog” can now attract prices in excess of $100 a gram – and much more for and especially desirable shape or the collectors ideal ‘perfect’ hedgehog.  The price will never go down.   It won’t be too long before all Moldavite is in the $100 a gram price bracket and the “hogs” will be even more expensive.

It is estimated that all commercial mining of Moldavite will finish within 5-10 years, 10 years being quite optimistic.

As a comparison – there are about 28 tonnes of diamonds mined each year world wide – admittedly mostly industrial diamonds.   I can’t find a single statistic on Moldavite production but with only one mine I assume it’s not likely to be high.

It’s rare:

Moldavite was always rare in the mineral world.  The nature of its creation was a once in a planetary event and the circumstances of its creation may never happen again – in fact we don’t want a meteor that size crashing to earth again !  It is estimated that up to 3,000 tonnes of Moldavite may have fallen to earth in the Czech Republic, but that was 14.5 million years ago!  Since then most of it has been crushed in earth movements or washed away into rivers and the ocean, it’s anyones guess how much mineable Moldavite survives.

It’s Popular:

As Moldavite has become harder to get, mineral collectors world wide have created a mini boom and as healers have come to know it’s various advantageous properties they too have created a demand.  Investors looking for a safe haven for their money have been investing in Moldavite – after all, in less than 10 years there will be no more and the values will increase exponentially.


Quite simply supply is not meeting demand and whenever this happens the price goes up.  It’s not going to get better, most of the collecting areas are tapped out.  If you want to own a piece or two then don’t hesitate and think that the price will come down – it won’t.