Moldavite (FAQ)

The most common questions I get asked are:

How to activate Moldavite – They come pre activated 🙂

How to charge a Moldavite – Same answer, Moldavites come pre-charged

How to cleanse your Moldavite – I don’t cleanse or clear my Moldavites at all. I know some people have quite complicated rituals when it comes to this sort of thing but my lovely girls just don’t seem to need it.

How to clear Moldavite – Why? People run around assuming there is evil coming from a Moldavite – in my experience, and I have hundreds of them, Moldavite is not evil. You don’t need to clear it. Talk to your piece and listen to what she has to say. Sometimes this can be an actual voice in your head, being shown the something when you close your eyes or it may come later in a dream or during meditation.

How to spot fake MoldaviteHow to tell if Moldavite is realHow to tell if Moldavite is fake -All the same question …. If it looks like a chunk of melted glass, it probably is. Moldavite is not bright green like a beer bottle although it does vary in colour quite a lot. If you look at the Moldavites I have for sale you will be much better informed on color and shape.

There are even differences in shape and colour from region to region. I assume that the regional differences have to do with the minerals in the ground that the Moldavite landed on. The shape variations can probably be attributed to the amount of sand in the soil. It would be fair to say I am no expert and I am only making logical assumptions.

How to use Moldavite stoneHow to use Moldavite for healing – I use my Moldavite during my healing work. I don’t have a set process, sometimes I will ask a client to hold a piece before we begin a session or I might ask them to hold a piece during the session. If I am doing a distant healing session I will generally place Moldavite were I can see their 3rd eye. Although this is not always true as sometimes I get a feeling to place it elsewhere. Confused?

How to buy Moldavite – You buy it from here of course – silly question! If you can’t find the piece that talks to you then send me an email and I will see what I can find for you.

How to choose Moldavite – It all depends on what you want your Moldavite for. If you are interested in the healing properties or metaphysical properties of Moldavite than my suggestion is to look at the pieces on the website, there will be one or 2 that you have to keep looking at. Focus on these one at a time, close your eyes, put your hand out in front of you palm up, imagine that the piece in your hand, see what you feel or hear. If this piece talks to you or puts pictures in your head or gives you some sort of physical reaction, then that is the one for you.

As with all crystals, as they choose you not the other way around.

If you are looking for an investment then choose the piece with out any nicks or breaks. I would always recommend buying Besednice Moldavite as it is the rarest. Secondly I would advise selecting the largest most perfect piece your budget will allow.

How to wear Moldavite – I am a big fan of raw Moldavite although I do have a couple of faceted pieces. I used to make my own jewellery and so I wire wrap pieces for my own personal use. I do not provide this service for my customers although if you go to a craft shop you can buy the wire inexpensively and probably to a very good job yourself.

How to clean a Moldavite – I really need to clean my Moldavite however when I do I would use warm water and a soft toothbrush.

How to care for Moldavite – It is important to realise that Moldavite is a naturally created glass and therefore it does break. It is important that your Moldavite is protected when being carried around. I often have a piece of 2 in my bag and they are carefully wrapped in a soft cloth and in a soft pouch. If I am carrying them around they are also in one of the side pockets of my handbag so that they do not get knocked around and broken.

It also carry a piece around in my pocket sometimes and once again it is double wrapped the safety.

Fake Moldavite

Fake Moldavite Warning

There is quite a lot of fake Moldavite out there; believe it or not I have been offered fakes on several instances from Asia, Australia as well as the USA. The difference is quite apparent, fake Moldavite is generally the color of melted green bottles comparable in shade to a Heinekin or Steinlager bottle.

Fake Moldavite
Fake Moldavite – Do not be fooled by this rubbish! It’s melted glass.

The surface of Real Moldavite will differ from very spiky to almost smooth but it is never as smooth as cut glass.

Fake Moldavite Stones usually comes in much more substantial pieces up to a kg (2 lbs). The biggest Moldavite ever found was about 238 grams (1/2 lb) consequently anything bigger than this is definitely not authentic. I actually do promise that you’ll receive genuine Moldavite crystals and so really don’t throw your hard earned dollars away on crap.

How do I know if I am buying a Actual Moldavite?

The easiest way is tobuy your Moldavite here !

  • The actual ORIGIN of Every Moldavite available to purchase comes from the Czech Republic.
  • The shade of this lovely crystal is similar to an olive green, it is not the color of emeralds or green beer bottles.
  • It comes in various dimensions the more substantial and the more perfect pieces are usually many 1000’s of dollars so if you are offered anything over the size of your palm and it’s cheaper than this – you can count on it being a fake.
  • You can certainly pay as little as $30 for a small piece of Real Moldavite.
  • Perfect moldavites are usually very difficult to obtain simply because they are a natural glass which comes out of the dirt.
  • Selecting a crystal with a modest chip or two does enable you to look inside, so it is really not all negative.
  • Fake Moldavite is quite common. Bogus Moldavite is frequently made out of green beer bottles, the color is really a dead give-away
  • In experience they all contain tiny gas pockets inside.
  • No two Moldavites will be the exact same, if they are then you’re purchasing fabricated Moldavite. RUN!
  • Moldavite gemstones above 20 to 30 grams can be bought, for a high cost but smaller pieces which range from under a gram can be obtained and are not too expensive.
  • Crystals more than 30 grams are extremely exceptional.
  • Moldavites 50 plus grams do come on the market however they frequently go to collectors before they hit the market.
  • In my personal experience Moldavites DO have healing qualities and most people are able to ‘feel’ something when they hold Moldavite.
  • Most people when studying a piece of Moldavite on this website will feel the ‘vibes’.

Papa – 68.5 gr Moldavite

My biggest girl so far 🙂  Papa is short for Papatuanuku.  I am of New Zealand Maori descent and Papatuanuku is our Earth Mother.  I had been waiting for a Moldavite to arrive and tell me this could be her name, and here she is.

13 item(s)

Papa is huge – a real handful of the best Moldavite money can buy, not to mention a fair amount of begging on my part so the last ‘owner’ would let her go!  When I say handful, I mean it – my hand won’t close over her, she’s a chunky lady, but she just reminded me – so am I !  I can feel her humour and her love and as I hold Papa, her energy seems to expand and expand outward. She’s here for a purpose and I can’t even guess what it is.  Moldavites are healers in their own right and I am a healer too so maybe between us we can help heal the world or my little part of it.  Oh dear, I’ve slipped off into my crazy woman talk again.

She’s absolutely perfect and not a break anywhere, she literally pulses with energy.  One of the many things I like about Papa is that there are 2 slightly smoother parts where my thumbs fit perfectly – almost like someone has touched her when still molten and left their thumb prints there – I know it’s a bit whimsical but you get like that with Moldavites.

Is she mine to keep?  I’d like to think so but she wants to be shown off and admired, as is her due, and that’s why she’s on the website.  Sooner or later someone will say she should be with them and not me ( I hope it will be another healer or someone who will show her off and not put her in a box ) and that’s the way it is with Moldavites, they choose where they need to be and it’s not for any of us to deny their wish.  I’m hopeful she will be with me for many years – but who knows?  In the end it will break my heart but it’s not my decision – or maybe it won’t break my heart the others I have sent off have been so happy to be going and they give me a big ‘thank you’ and rush away full of excitement, and I’m excited for them too.  (opps – crazy woman talk again).

71.24mm long
36 mm wide at the widest part
25.28 deep

68.5 grams !!!!!!

Value?  I can’t say – my husband might see !  I blind folded him when I got him to sign the loan papers.  ssshhhh



Investment Value

There is no better time to buy than NOW.  Prices have increased quite dramatically over a very short period of time.  There are several reasons for the increase:

There’s not much of it about:

MoldaviteMoldavite mining is strictly controlled by the Czech government.  Until a couple of years ago there were 4 state run mines, 3 have now closed.  In the past anyone could go dig a hole on their own land, and if they were very lucky they might find one, several or many Moldavites.  More often than not hour or days of digging would produce nothing.  Several years ago the Czech government changed the rules; you can only dig to one metre unless you have a permit.

The locals still go to the fields after the farmer’s have ploughed and look – as they have done for centuries –  after hundreds of years of this, the number found decreases every year.  You can walk for miles without finding a single stone – not just that but the stones found are more likely to be broken pieces.  The Moldavites that came from people supplementing their incomes by digging a deep pit and ‘mining’ has dried up as the police now watch for this.  The locals and ex miners are now selling off their collections piece by piece as the price goes up.

The mine at Besednice closed about 12 years ago and the distinctive Besednice ‘Hedgehog” can now attract prices in excess of $100 a gram – and much more for and especially desirable shape or the collectors ideal ‘perfect’ hedgehog.  The price will never go down.   It won’t be too long before all Moldavite is in the $100 a gram price bracket and the “hogs” will be even more expensive.

It is estimated that all commercial mining of Moldavite will finish within 5-10 years, 10 years being quite optimistic.

As a comparison – there are about 28 tonnes of diamonds mined each year world wide – admittedly mostly industrial diamonds.   I can’t find a single statistic on Moldavite production but with only one mine I assume it’s not likely to be high.

It’s rare:

Moldavite was always rare in the mineral world.  The nature of its creation was a once in a planetary event and the circumstances of its creation may never happen again – in fact we don’t want a meteor that size crashing to earth again !  It is estimated that up to 3,000 tonnes of Moldavite may have fallen to earth in the Czech Republic, but that was 14.5 million years ago!  Since then most of it has been crushed in earth movements or washed away into rivers and the ocean, it’s anyones guess how much mineable Moldavite survives.

It’s Popular:

As Moldavite has become harder to get, mineral collectors world wide have created a mini boom and as healers have come to know it’s various advantageous properties they too have created a demand.  Investors looking for a safe haven for their money have been investing in Moldavite – after all, in less than 10 years there will be no more and the values will increase exponentially.


Quite simply supply is not meeting demand and whenever this happens the price goes up.  It’s not going to get better, most of the collecting areas are tapped out.  If you want to own a piece or two then don’t hesitate and think that the price will come down – it won’t.