Moldavite Properties

Moldavite Metaphysical Properties

Let’s look at the meaning of the word Metaphysical. The Merriam-Webster dictionary says

a) of or relating to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses
b) Supernatural

That sums it up nicely.

I find the Moldavite Metaphysical Properties fascinating there is a little buzz on your hand, maybe a Moldavite flush, your heart quickens and you close your eyes and you are transported …. elsewhere.

They are very powerful and I have when I receive some new Moldavites that I get a throbbing headache and I feel unbalanced for several hours until, I suppose, I get used to them. You might think this is just coincidence but up until now I would be unlucky if I had a mild headache once every five years or so. Sometimes I feel so off balance I need to walk away from my new arrivals and go somewhere to clear my head. Often when I hold them my head itches, when I discussed Moldavite properties with a a friend who is Wiccan, she said it’s my crown chakra opening.

I often hand them around to my friends to see what sort of Moldavite experiences they have – some people feel nothing, although I’ll often see subtle changes in their personality over the following weeks. For others this crystal has a dramatic effect. I’ll get immediate comments like:

  • It’s really hot
  • It’s very heavy
  • It’s very light
  • My hand is tingling
  • There is a buzz in my hand
  • I can feel my heart beating in my hand
  • Oh wow, it’s travelling up my arm !
  • That’s weird!

I’ve had friends break into perspiration immediately, some get a mild headache, my daughter feels ill sometimes – like someone is poking her tummy.

What does it all mean? I really don’t know.

Moldavite is also known for its healing and metaphysical properties. Many people also use Moldavite during their meditation to help clear the mind and open the pathways.

Moldavite Healing Properties

When I use Moldavite during a healing session. People often ask how to use Moldavite but I’m not too fancy about it. I simply ask the client to hold the stone while we talk, if it’s a distance session I place the stone on the table where I imagine their 3rd eye to be and then do the session as if they were there in person. It does make a difference my clients have the most interesting visions while the healing session is performed. Although strictly speaking Reconnective Healing doesn’t need any ‘extras’ to work, it just does.

If you believe in using crystals and gems for healing then I can highly recommend that you check out the metaphysical properties of Moldavite. My personal preference is for the natural rough Moldavite rather than the cut crystals.

Do have a look, you may be surprised at what you find – if your Moldavite is there she (I think of them as female) will talk to you :-).


One thought on “Moldavite Properties

  1. I purchased a moldavite crystal of roughly 8 grams and it has pretty much not left my person since I bought it. I fashioned a pendant of sorts with it and now wear it continually around my neck. When I first held it it was like every pore on my body opened and I was sweating profusely. My stomach was nauseous to the point I felt as if I was going to throw up.

    I have a co worker who appreciates natural healing and crystals. I let her hold it without telling her what it was. She said it felt warm and heavy in her hand but really nothing more than that. When she handed it back to me it was COLD – below room temp. Once back in my hand it warmed back up immediately (above my body temperature).

    Now, if I’m not wearing it the best way I can describe the feeling is an anxiety akin to “lost”. I’m not sure I could walk out of my house without it.

    I purchased my moldavite for healing but it seems to be working on a different level than physical for me.

    I have MDS. Right now, I have two bracelets being made for me. One in blood-stone and the other in garnet. Both of which have energies relating to bone marrow. I hope the three will work in concert with one another. I would love to have a beaded necklace of moldavite. I don’t want anything encased in metal as I feel the need for the crystal itself to be touching skin.

    One thing I’ve noticed is when I hold/meditate with my moldavite I am compelled not to place it on my third eye but the area of skin below the nose and above the lips- the philtrum. I’ve tried to see if there was any significance to that but I’ve not found anything. Holding it there with both hands puts them in a prayer position.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts.

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