Juno – 58 gr palm size moldavite


Juno – the name means “vital force” so I thought it appropriate . She is another outstanding example of Moldavite perfection.  Each Moldavite has it’s own characteristics, Juno is a smooth giant drop – or pendant shape.  She is perfect for holding as she has no sharp edges.

Juno is one of my keepers and takes pride of in the collection along with a number of other special Moldavites which speak to me.  She has a lovely gentle buzz when held – not overwhelming like some Moldavites, but then that is me, for others the sensation is quite different.  Each Moldavite speaks in its own way to each person.

69 mm long
37.9 mm wide at the widest part
16 mm deep

58 grams !!!!!!

Value? Around $7,000 and rising.  Value is moving target for Moldavites this size, there are very few around and very few collectors prepared to put photos on the web.  I do it because I think they should be admired and just quietly they (the Moldavites) think they deserve to be admired too.

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